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Moroccan fever !

A lot of things happened in my life.
- I moved from Paris to Morocco (I miss Paris, its H&M's, vintage shops and starbucks :) )
- I'm starting a new job in 10 days
- I have a new apartment that needs to be decorated (so happy to do this ! I have too many ideas )
- and last but not least : I'm married now !

After my wedding, I was in Dakhla for 3 days. The beach and the desert meet each other there so it's a must see.

And now I'm in Marrakech for a week to take some rest in a beautiful hotel.
I decided to take care of my blog. It will be one of my only meeting point with fashion so it's precious !

Here are some shoots from February 2010 issue of Vogue France.

The pictures are taken in the streets of Marrakech's medina and its region.

I'm coming back very very soon 
and thank you for reading sweeties 
even while I wasn't here !

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  1. Hola, probablemente no entiendas español, pero gracias a las maravillas de internet dispones de una amplia gama de traductores.
    Solamente quería reiterar en el hecho de que Dakhla no es marroquí, pertenece a la República democrática saharaui, desgraciadamente en el exilio devido, a la anexión ilegal de los territorios Saharauis por parte de Marruecos.


Thanks for sharing your point of views and feelings!
That's what F-cking Glitter is all about!
Hope to see you here very soon.